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The pride and joy of my career and journey lies in the people and businesses that I've had the opportunity to work with!


digital innovations for emerging markets
”design your own module”

national university of singapore
28 september 2019

In partnership with CodeForAsia, I ran a half-day impact marketing and public relations workshop for a small group of students who came together to co-create a credit-bearing “Design Your Own Module”. The workshop was designed to help students with their projects in terms of thinking about how they could come up with a strong impact-driven communications strategy that delivers measurable results.


Lee kong chian school of business
advertising module

singapore management university
20 september 2019

As part of a credit-bearing module at SMU, I was invited to facilitate a session for 45 students who are now taking the very same module I did years before - talking about my thoughts on the future of advertising, introducing Brain Juice Collective and sharing our unique impact marketing approach. The session included fun activities to highlight my key communication principles, sharing of my views on the future of advertising, introduction of our model, hands-on application of our model by the students and active brainstorming as well as sharing sessions. The result was a vibrant and practical session that allowed the students to have a perspective shift on communications and advertising while supporting them in their class project development.

SMU imagine better companies
capacity-building Programme

singapore management university
14 september 2019

In pushing the SMU Imagine Better Companies campaign forward, we facilitated 3 power-packed sessions to provide our SMU Imagine Better Ambassadors with the knowledge and skills to get started. As the campaign lead and Editor-in-Chief, I curated and created the half-day programme:

  1. Building Communities in a Digital Age Keynote by Suling Lin, Executive Editor at Channel NewsAsia

  2. Asking the Right Questions Panel Discussion moderated by Tiziana Tan

  3. Impact Storytelling Workshop created by Tiziana Tan, co-facilitated with Jack Ho, Monica Lie, Joel Goh, Yuvan Mohan and Karen Cheah

  4. Community-building and Marketing Workshop created by Tiziana Tan, co-facilitated with Monica Lie and Joel Goh

  5. Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship by our partners, Air Amber

Through our programming, the students got to work with their Editor-mentors and SMU alumni to get a better understanding of how they could run their interviews and write compelling stories of impact in support of the SMU Imagine Better Community Fund.

keeping abreast
fem surgery, breast cancer foundation singapore, Jac & Jo
31 august 2019

To explore the topic of breast health in an interesting way that appealed to consumers, we brought international healthcare group FeM Surgery, Breast Cancer Foundation Singapore and Jac & Jo together for our first lifestyle take on breast health - Keeping Abreast. Our women speakers shared inspiring stories, expert knowledge and practical tips around an extremely important topic. ⁣We had Mazuin Khamis explore insights into the breast health with statistics from their independent study as well as BCF’s initiatives. Our brave breast cancer survivor, Tracy, shared about her journey of resilience and gratitude when she was diagnosed at the age of 29, just a year after getting married.

FeM Surgery’s Dr Felicia Tan then gave us an inside look into the advancement in treatment options available and self-examination techniques women can practice at home. Finally, Ana and Jacinta illuminated the room with their mumpreneur story and how to find the right bra!⁣ The afternoon was complete with encouraging handwritten notes for women who may be facing challenges as well as free bust measurement and bra fitting sessions by Jac & Jo.

For this first edition of the series, I conceptualised, programmed, hosted and planned the engagement. The result was a sold-out event that was both meaningful for participants and valuable to the brands involved.

SMU imagine better companies
pre-engagement Programme

singapore management university
26 august 2019

To kickstart the SMU Imagine Better Companies campaign, we co-facilitated a workshop with our partners Air Amber. We created a programme that engaged both SMU students and alumni in envisioning this meaningful effort. Through our programming, we elucidated more clarity as to what we wanted to achieve through the campaign, both individually and as a team, setting clear objectives and ground rules for the journey. This session served as a strong foundation for the capacity-building workshops that followed.

The pre-engagement programme included individual awareness activities, a hot seat panel discussion, human library segment and finally, a group envisioning session.

For this programme, I managed all stakeholders involved, gave a welcome address and hosted a panel discussion.

SMU-PEELI Rural Entrepreneurship Programme
singapore management university x the Jiangsu Tao Shing Pee Education Foundation (Tao Foundation)
25 July 2019

Each year, the SMU-PEELI Rural Entrepreneurship Programme equips Tao Students with the financial support and skills to create start-ups that can transform their rural hometowns. This year, they had 40 Tao students attending the programme with 8 selected SMU students travelling to China in May 2019 to share their entrepreneurial skills with other fellow students, visit incubation and startup centres, as well as learn more about China’s entrepreneurship ecosystem. In exchange, the Tao students from China also visited Singapore and experience learning in SMU from top academics and practitioners, participate in a business plan competition, and visit different incubation and startup centres.

For this instalment of the programme, I spoke on a panel together with MINIWIZ Managing Director, Tan Szue Hann covering China’s potential, entrepreneurship, sustainability and more!

podcast: Creating Social Impact
The Stephen & Sakif Show
July 2019

Check out my podcast episode on the Stephen and Sakif Show, creating impact through business. I first met Stephen through AIESEC and years later, here we are now. Here I give the audience a deeper look into my views around social impact as well as our various endeavours - the what, why and how; more importantly, why my "job" rocks!

impact lab in hangzhou
an independent initiative
supported by Ashoka and bosch stiftung
31 May 2019 - 2 June 2019

Impact Lab is an original workshop that I co-created with Jasmine Lau, Founder of Philanthropy in Motion and Ernie Chen, Founder of Code For Asia. The curriculum and activities were designed to engage the youths through the following segments:

  1. Quick fire brainstorming session around issues like food waste, sustainability, urban-rural education gap, equality and so on.

  2. Lean Start-up Methodology for efficient solution testing, launch and iteration

  3. Hands-on prototyping with Wordpress to create a landing page to support testing

  4. Impact marketing and community-building for growth and engagement

The full-day session received highly positive reviews and requests for more engagements to invigorate the local ecosystem. Impact Lab also acted as a catalyst for participants to kick-start or further push their respective social innovation and business ideas.

echelon summit 2019
24 may 2019

Echelon is an annual technology event where attendees learn, discover and meet for opportunities across Asia's emerging markets and ecosystem. For the 2019 summit, I was engaged to moderate two panel discussions:

  1. Holding active stakeholders in Southeast Asia's startup ecosystem accountable with CEO of Dattel, Ashran Dato' Ghazi (former CEO of Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre) - Video recording here

  2. How Vietnam is priming itself to be a key stakeholder in the Southeast Asia ecosystem with CEO of Vingroup Ventures (investment arm of VINGROUP) and Shark on Shark Tank Việt Nam, Linh Thai / Thái Vân Linh - Video recording here

The engagement included research on the organisations and pre-interview of the guests as well as preparation of questions and live moderation. The result was two invigorating conversations that shared insights, addressed audience questions, inspired learning and generated follow up interest for Dattel as well as Vingroup Ventures.

ctrl alt del tobacco
vss story x singapore health promotion board
31 march 2019

Ctrl Alt Del Tobacco is a two-year campaign and creative programme that promotes a healthy and smoke-free lifestyle among young people in Singapore. It was born as a co-creation initiative that uses the power of storytelling - through video, design, photography and creative writing - to conduct a series of creative workshops for youth. Through the workshops, the students will have the opportunity to learn from inspiring creators on how they can share their own story on staying smoke-free or quitting smoking through different creative mediums.

Besides promoting a smoke-free environment and encouraging everyone to engage a tobacco-free approachCtrl Alt Del Tobacco also invites everyone, non-smokers and smokers, to join an open and honest conversation and to share their stories, so together we can create a healthier environment for youth in Singapore.

In their inaugural run of the campaign, Brain Juice Collective was approached to create and facilitate a design workshop to engage 20 youth in basic design principles, infographic and poster design. To add expertise and vibrancy to the workshop, we engaged two Juicers from our network to share real life experiences, insights and tips. For this engagement, I created the curriculum and activities to facilitate hands-on learning and experimentation. The finished work from the youth were showcased at Singapore’s World No Tobacco Day exhibition organised by the Ctrl Alt Del Tobacco team

fearless & fabulous
cisco x inspiring girls singapore
30 march 2019

Fearless & Fabulous was a special International Women’s Day event for girls by Inspiring Girls and Cisco. The meaningful collaboration brought together some awesome women speakers to inspire girls to dream big and live their lives fearlessly and fabulously. The event was an opportunity for girls to imagine what is possible and to gain more tools to inspire them along the way. I was invited to speak about nurturing entrepreneurship. A keynote I named GIRL BOSSES. Through my personal stories and experience, I emphasised the importance for girls to take risks, seize opportunities and cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit.

fastfwd festival
newcampus x wework
23 february 2019

For NewCampus Singapore launch, the inaugural FastFwd Festival was created. The festival hosted by NewCampus – a lifelong learning school– provided a platform to discuss different possible futures. It was designed to connect participants with global experts who will shared their wisdom on three pertinent topics including The Future of Work, Technology and Humans as well as The Future of Creativity. I was invited as a keynote speaker covering The Future of Creativity. The idea was to share a perspective on the importance of creativity, empathy and the need for people to elevate their human skills in the face of automation. For this event, I prepared 3 key insights based on personal stories and projects that I’ve had the privilege to tackle. The event was well-attended, with more than 150 participants.

sMU leadership symposium 2017
Singapore management university
11 december 2018

The annual Singapore Management University (SMU) Leadership Symposium is a university-wide event organised by the SMU Office of Student Life. The two-day event targeted tertiary students who serve, or desire to serve, in a leadership position. As part of the platform's aim for participants to gain insights into leadership and be empowered with tools, knowledge and ideas, I engaged with more than 130 participants through two interactive workshops that was originally crafted for both new and seasoned leaders, helping them find and build their own signature style as well as better understand how they can adapt their communication strategies to the different stages their audiences might be in. This round, the group included student leaders from the APAC region as well.


Sweat & Chat
lululemon x the great room x REBELHOUSE
6 September 2018

Following the Asia premiere of Soufra, which celebrated a triumph of the human spirit and its unyielding strength. We collaborated with The Great Room and lululemon to present "Sweat and Chat" - a morning of yoga followed by Breakfast and a discussion on 'The Role of Business in Creating Community Impact'. As a panelist, I shared how Brain Juice Collective and Rebelhouse Asia creates community impact in a powerful and sustainable way as well as my two cents on how businesses can truly integrate impact into their DNA. I shared the space with 4 other amazing women, Betty Kong, Founder of Yoga Lab and Barre Lab, Felicia Sun, Brand and Community Manager (SEA) at lululemon, Lisa Madison, Chief Impact Officer at Rebelhouse Studios as well as Pinky David (our moderator), Founder at PinkTank.

23 August 2018

N-House holds weekly events in the area of entrepreneurship. The student body aims to enrich and equip the minds of entrepreneurial students by inviting different speakers and facilitators to engage the community. I was invited to engage 80 students through a 2-hour workshop and sharing session where I shed light on the importance of presence, purpose as well as building a signature voice to create impact and lead a space. The participants shared picked up activities and tips that they could bring back to their own teams and projects while sharing their own stories and challenges. Some of the students even got involved in our projects!



SMU leadership symposium 2017
Singapore management university
11 & 12 december 2017

The annual Singapore Management University (SMU) Leadership Symposium is a university-wide event organised by the Office of Student Life. The two-day event targeted at tertiary students who serve, or desire to serve, in a leadership position. As part of the platform's aim for participants to gain insights into leadership and be empowered with tools, knowledge and ideas, I was invited to engage with 124 participants through two interactive workshops that was originally crafted for both new and seasoned leaders, helping them find and build their own signature style as well as better understand how they can adapt their communication strategies to the different stages their audiences might be in. 

Social media for good
national youth council - youthcorps
17 August 2017

With the National Youth Council's (NYC) festival for good initiative, I was engaged by Make the Change to run four social media workshops and three mentoring sessions to help youths leverage their personal social media channels to activate positive social change. For the final workshop and mentoring session, in addition to creating original material, I facilitated group projects centered around NYC, hosted industry leaders for a sharing session with the participants and ended with the groups pitching their ideas to NYC.



Singapore Chinese Girls' School
17 August 2017

As part of the leadership academy at Singapore Chinese Girls' School, I was invited to engage with 32 girls on the topic of leadership. I shared about my entrepreneurial and coming-of-age journey in an informal setting, relating to the girls with personal stories from my own SCGS days. The result was a fun and organic session that highlighted learning points like the importance of being present, starting from self-leadership, the power of personal choices and finally creating our own signature both on and offline.

Social media for good
Make the change
july 2017 - October 2017

With the National Youth Council's festival for good initiative, I was engaged by Make the Change to run four social media workshops and three mentoring sessions to help youths leverage their personal social media channels to activate positive social change. As part of the workshops, I created original material, facilitated group projects centered around a real-life case challenge for the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Singapore (MDAS) and hosted industry leaders for sharing sessions with the participants.

The sessions were also tailored to the different groups including youths from the public, students with special needs as well as institutional and organisational participants.

First run of Social Media for Good - great turn out from the public!

First run of Social Media for Good - great turn out from the public!

Round Robin Reverse Mentoring Session - had an awesome time!

Round Robin Reverse Mentoring Session - had an awesome time!

7 july 2017

For Austern International's Programme in Singapore, I was invited to a reverse mentoring session with their youth from Australia. As a guest mentor, I was part of a Q&A panel followed by three rounds of 20 minute small group sessions.

I was given the opportunity to share my journey thus far and also answer student questions through the round robin sessions. We spoke about different topics including the start-up journey, existing business ecosystems, global trends etc. It was an enriching experience with the cross-sharing and learning from both the Singaporean and Australian landscape!

Content marketing module
Make the change
First batch: 19 May 2017 - 13 June 2017
Second Batch: 12 December 2017 - 27 January 2018

As part of Make the Change's Online Marketing Diploma for persons with disabilities or people with ABILITIES as I'd like to call it, I was engaged to create and facilitate an original and exciting content marketing module for the students.

Flair, personality and application. This course was created to help students find their own style, understand the purpose of their work and create content that resonates with their target audience. Through hands-on activities, application of theory and lessons from case studies, students learnt how to communicate passionately and effectively.

The course was also created specifically for the special needs of the group with attention to detail as videos selected were all captioned and the slide content made extra visual for the deaf students to have the best experience possible. With overwhelmingly positive feedback and recommendations from the pioneering batch, I was invited to take on the second batch in December 2017. 

Final session of the module - all smiles after presentations!

Final session of the module - all smiles after presentations!